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Football Manager 2005

What could be interesting in a game completely void of action, death and mayhem, or a character that doesn’t need your help getting out of trouble? This question I asked myself when I found this game in my letterbox…

It could be that because I’m rewarded with the lovable “Fragland’s Granddad” that I was selected to review this game… Or maybe my interests in the Belgian National League was a factor: a good friend of mine is writing a 10-part series of books on the subject. The “Red Devils” (the Belgian national team) have been an inspiration since I was a small boy… I could write columns about the state they’re in right now… just like all the other “would-be” national coaches!

This game offers the opportunity to start managing an existing squad and lead them to ultimate victory. It doesn’t matter which team you want to manage because you get to choose from a lot of leagues: Belgian, Dutch, British, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, etc… All these leagues are divided in different divisions (at least the ones I checked…) which offer you a wide variety of possibilities. Also the National Teams are selectable.

Statistics are available in greatest possible detail. Because the creators have obtained the official licenses they were able to include up to 250.000 players and staff. This requires a rather large database which does affect the game’s speed. You can off course select the size of said database to suit your PC’s power…

Don’t expect a lot of graphical eye candy. The screenshots will illustrate exactly what you are seeing in-game. The only ‘action’ you get to see is coloured balls with numbers moving around on a football pitch illustrating a match in various modes. This gets boring after a while, but “cute” non the less.

This game is aimed at people who will invest a lot of time to get to the bottom of the game. It does offers the player all the possibilies to get the most out of his team. you can do this by adjusting training schedules, both for the whole squad as for the individuals, but also by using the popular media. You’ll always get reactions, both good and bad, and you have a board of directors to please. Are you not all they expect you to be… well, you’ll get the boot!

The strength of the game is also its weak point… a true footy fan will definitely appreciate it, but a beginner will have to invest a lot of time to get to everything it has to offer…

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