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Football Manager 2011

Back in the days Sports Interactive and Eidos worked together on the Football Manager games but as of 2004 both companies went their own ways. Eidos kept releasing soccer management games under the name of Championship Manager while Sports Interactive did the same with Football Manager. Since then the latter has always come out on top so let’s see whether the latest version manages to score again

In our preview we already went into all important parts and got a clear view on the changes that were coming to the game. Now we’ll go into detail and show the possible downpoints. We can already tell that the integration of the social networking sites Twitter and Youtube are a success. During the demo everyone could already try this out and plenty of Youtube movies circulating around was the result of that. A cool addition to share the most beautiful goals with everyone.

When making a new game you can select which competition(s) you want to make playable. Unfortunately no new competitions have been added. Hopefully Sports Interactive will change this next year as it would be fun to for instance have the African competition at your disposal or, as many gamers hope, some lower series. A positive note regarding this is that new system in which the reputation is being handled. It will go up or down depending on how things are going, something that certainly brings forth more fun.

This year agents have been added and each soccer player has one. just like in the real world, such an agent will make sure to do the best he can for his clients. almost every day you’ll get offers from agents for players who can join your club. You’ll also see which players have the same agent and which are thinking about leaving their club. If you want to buy someone, you’ll have to make a bid towards the club and when this gets accepted you get to negotiate a price with the agent representing the player. Of course he’ll want some money for himself as well and that can be quite a big amount. Therefore it’s best to know with who you’re dealing as these agents have different characters and you for instance don’t want to go into long negotiations with an impatient one. This makes the game a lot more realistic and difficult. In short, this is probably one of the best additions of the last years.

Football Manager 2011 has also become a lot more communicative. You can get into a discussion with players and board at any time and any place and through the new conversation system you get feedback a lot faster. This time even pushing a bit gets rewarded. Players can also request a talk with you themselves if you for instance put them on the transfer list. You can even get your staff warmed up for another function this year. Previously you could forget about getting a scout warm to become trainer and the other way aruond but this time it’s possible to make changes like these in your team.

Every year the training system gets reworked and this one isn’t an exception to that. Some standard schemes have been added for defense, midfielders and attackers. There’s more depth thanks to the Set Piece Creator and the game preparation. The Set piece Creator gives you the opportunity to completely set dead situations to your hand, something that has never been implemented before. Only too bad that you can’t have your players go stand exactly where you want them as everything works through a drop-down menu. The game prep is triggered by your assistant a couple of days before a match and there you can prepare a couple of tactics. Also kind of stats like previous confrontations and scouting report can be found back here, and you can ask your team to focus on certain situations.

Football Manager 2011 is without a doubt the best game in its kind. Every year Sports Interactive tries to make it even more realistic and accessible and this time we get more depth by addition of agents, improved communication with players and board, dynamic reputation in the competition and so much more. And then we haven’t even talked about the improved graphics and animations in the 3D game viewer. The interface also looks a lot tighter and practical and you get so much more information in just one glimpse of an eye. Without a doubt you’ll spend even more time behind your PC or Mac with this year’s version.

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