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Forget me Not

Sandy Channing and her friends are about to go on a trip and have some fun during graduation weekend when suddenly Sandy’s friends start disappearing one by one. The strange thing is that apparently only Sandy seems able to remember they ever existed. As time runs out and all of her friends start to think she’s going insane, Sandy finds out that it’s got something to do with a girl she and her friends wronged years ago, but will she be able to stop what’s going on before it’s too late?

Sound and Vision:
The image is decent with good amount of contrast and reasonable detail. Compression errors are down to a minimum and there’s nothing that really bothers when watching this DVD.

The sound does a nice job with some good placement of effects but overall it doesn’t astonish either. Decent but rather standard compared to other releases these days.


Forget me Not is a standard teenage slasher where the popular kids get killed off one by one for something they did years ago. The idea of the killers this time is quite fun but how it’s worked out has a bit too much copy/paste work from recent Japanese horror movies. As we’ve seen a lot lately.

The story is as standard as it can get with just about all the typical plot twists and clichés passing by and overall the movie doesn’t really stand out of the crowd. The acting isn’t anything to write home about either and we can conclude by saying this is one you may want to rent when you really don’t have anything better to do and really love this type of movies.

Our Score:

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