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Forgotten, The

What if everyone tells you that the child you’ve carried for nine months and have lived with for 9 years never existed ?

Telly Paretta (Julianne Moore) has lost her nine-year old son in an airplane accident. One year later, she still hasn’t completely gotten over the loss but she does try to get better together with the help of her husband Jim (Anthony Edwards) and her psychiater Jack Munce (Gary Sinise). One day, she notices that everything that reminded her of her son Sam is gone and she believes this is done by Jim but according to him, they’ve never had a son. Jim takes her to Jack in the hopes that he can help her and the psychiater diagnoses Telly with Paramnesia. According to him, she’s made up a complete alternate life. She doesn’t want to believe what they are saying and runs away. Little later, she meets Ash Corelly (Dominic West) who also lots a child. Although Ash doesn’t remember his daughter Lauren, Telly goes home with him and while he’s asleep she notices that the wallpaper is covering up drawings that were made by his little girl.

The next morning, she confronts him with this but still he doesn’t believe it can be true that he has forgotten all about Lauren. However, when National Intelligence comes around to pick up Telly instead of the normal police, Ash starts to remember flashes and manages to liberate her before she’s taken away. The two are apparantly now the only ones that remember their children but they’re desperate to find out what happened…

Sound and Vision:
Crystal clear image & sound, lots of details, solid level of black, a dynamic soundtrack that uses all available channels, … what more do you want ?

Oh yea, we didn’t spot any compression errors or any other problems that could spoil the fun. Great stuff !

– Audio commentary track by director Joseph Ruben and scenario writer Gerald Di Pego
– “Remembering The Forgotten” and “Making Of The Forgotten”: two rather standard features where we get to see interviews with main cast & crew along with some background information. The first one is reasonably decent while the second is a clearly promotional feature.
– Deleted scenes including alternative ending
– Trailers

The storyline is somewhat predictable and the plot is spoilt after about 20 minutes, but that doesn’t mean the movie isn’t any good. The scare-effects are terrific, the acting is decent, and all in all it’s a fun movie that you’ll definitely enjoy watching. People who like “The X-Files” will really love this movie. The atmosphere is almost identical although this time we aren’t following any FBI agents but just two normal human beings. The extras aren’t really great but standard entertainment. The image and sound quality on the other hand are top notch.

Our Score:

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