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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Widescreen)


Harry returns to Hogwarth to start the second year of wizardry, but things are all but ok. A house elf has warned him that it would be dangerous for him to return to the school and his voyage was all but easy. It seems someone doesn’t want him to return to Hogwarth, but why? To […]


ID Software about the Gaming Industry


Quake 3 : Arena has been released. The Mission Pack will be arriving soon. What are you going to be doing after the mission pack will be released? We have a number of things we’re working on currently that we’ll have more time for and we’ll also start work on the next game. Some of […]


Third Law about KISS: Psycho Circus


Where did the name of “Third Law Interactive” come from? When we first started our company we spent quite a while coming up with potential names. Most of our initial thoughts were already taken (except for “Atomic Afro”, but we didn’t think that really fit our image). Eventually we settled on “Bloodshot” (which in retrospect […]


4D Rulers talk Gore


How is it to work on a game with your family (Rick and Nick)? It’s pretty good. We’ve been working together in family businesses for over a decade, so you could say I’m used to it What is the storyline behind Gore? The year is 2085, Earth has been in chaos for nearly 40 years. […]


12 Monkeys


The year is 2035 and only 1% of the world population is still alive and forced to live underground. In the year 1996 a virus caught us by surprise and killed most of humanity. James Cole (Bruce Willis) is a convicted criminal who “volunteers” to go back into time to find the “Army of the […]



Neo Tokyo, 2019. 30 years after World War 3 a motorcycle gang led by the boy Kaneda is looking for a fight with a competing gang called “The Clowns”. When both gangs encounter each other, one of Kaneda’s friends Tetsuo almost runs in on a strange little guy. When Kaneda and Tetsuo try to help […]


Alien Legacy

Who hasn’t heard of any of the “Alien” movies yet ? I guess everyone probably knows these classics of sci-fi/horror. Alien Legacy bundles all 4 movies at a discount price and since the story is pretty well-known I’ll just give a short rundown: Alien : Space ship Nostromo receives a distress call from an alien […]



Tim Burton directed the first Batman movie which was released in 1989 and it was a direct hit although I still don’t understand why it got a rating for adults. Michael Keaton plays the caped crusader who takes on Jack Nicholson as Batman’s worst enemy ever, the psychotic Joker. Add Kim Basinger to the cast […]


Dawn of the Dead

Panic reigns in the television station as zombies are taking over the world and a couple of people flee with a helicopter to escape. When fuel runs out, the helicopter lands at a huge mall and after a big cleanup, Francine (Gaylen Ross) and her friends are relatively safe. However, the zombies keep coming, looking […]


Enemy of the State


Will Smith plays Robert Clayton Dean, a successful attourney who accidentally gets a tape which contains images of the assasination of a US senator by the National Security Agency. Once Jon Voight in the role of an NSA head honcho gets to know this, the hunt for Dean is open. Dean suddenly finds him loosing […]




In Face/Off, Nicholas Cage and John Travolta are each others opposites. Travolta is FBI agent Sean Archer who lives a pretty standard happy life with his wife and daughter while Cage plays the psychopatic terrorist Castor Troy who is being chased by Archer. When Travolta catches Troy but finds out that Castor has hidden an […]


Get Carter


Carter (Stallone) is a bad-ass mafia goon who’s brother suddenly dies. He goes back to his hometown to attend the funeral and check out what happened. Of course, the death of his brother wasn’t just an accident and Stallone starts kicking ass to find his brother’s murderer. What starts out as a family drama (Carter […]




Anthony Hopkins is back in the form of world’s most loved murderer, Hannibal “The Cannibel” Lecter. 10 years after his spectacular escape, Lecter lives in Florence where nobody knows him. Clarice Sterling (Julianne Moore), however, has seen her career go downhill after a special FBI intervention went bad and she got the blame. Mason Verger […]


Way of the Gun


Benicio Del Toro (Traffic) and Ryan Philippe (Cruel Intention) are 2 low-life criminals who earn their money by giving donations to the sperm bank. One day, however, they see their chance of a lifetime and kidnap the pregnant Juliette Lewis who’s carrying a baby for a stinking rich couple. The idea is to get some […]


American Werewolf in London, An (SE)

David Kessler (David Naughton) and Jack (Griffin Dunne) are travelling through Europe when they come to a small town in the English countryside nearby London. The people there are all but friendly and both guys decide to go further eventhough it’s night time. A little later, they get overtaken by a wolf-life creature that kills […]


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