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Fountain, The

Tommy Creo is a scientist who’s wife Isabel is suffering from a deadly disease. As he’s got a hard time coping with a possible loss of his beloved he completely turns towards his work in order to find a cure that can save her but due to his obsession, he loses sight on what’s most important: spending time with his wife. In the meantime, Isabel is working on a story that tells about the Mayans and the tree of life, a story that has remarkable similarities with what’s going on in the real world.

Sound and Vision:
The images differ from scene to scene but that’s intentional. The transfer itself is pretty good and the fantasy parts in space will have tons of yellow color floating over your screen while the real world scenes will be very dark with here and there a touch of yellow (lamps mostly). The parts where you get to see the “Fountain” story then are also dark and it’s almost difficult to see what is going on so the contrast could have used a bit of work.

The sound nicely follows the atmosphere of the movie and the track is also very good with a lot of use of the surround speakers and mild useage of the subwoofer when necessary.

The version we received was the rental version

The Fountain is a very special movie that combines fantasy and drama elements and puts them together in a remarkably atmospheric movie that looks almost like a work of art. The special effects are magnificent and the philosophical background is amazing but this does not manage to hide the fact that the storyline itself is pretty slim. Man is in love with woman. Woman is suffering from deadly disease. Man wants to save woman. That’s it folks!

Still, don’t let that hold you back from checking out The Fountain as it’s truly a joy to see on your screen!

Our Score:

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