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Four Brothers

When Evelyn Mercer gets shot in a night shop robbery and dies, four of her adopted sons head back to town to pay their respect. The four, Bobby (Wahlberg), Angel (Gibson), Jeremiah (Benjamin) and Jack (Hedlund), don’t have a good eye on the murder and don’t believe the police will be able to catch whoever did it so they decide to investigate things their own way, which isn’t the most pleasant one for those getting interrogated. As they get closer to the truth, they find themselves in a web of corruption and violence…

Sound and Vision:
There’s some edge enhancement present but except for some additional grain there’s nothing to complain. Compression errors are absent and Paramount has done a good job with the overall image quality.

The 5.1 track nicely uses all available channels but to be honest I have to say that some more punch wouldn’t have hurt.

– Audiocommentary by John Singleton
– The Look of Four Brothers: sets and clothing as well as the overall look of the movie is the subject of this feature
– Crafting Four Brothers: the writers talk about the story of the movie
– Behind the Brotherhood: The makers talk about how they tried to show the people the bond between the four brothers
– Mercer House Shootout: behind the scenes look on one of the biggest action scenes in the movie
– Deleted Scenes
– Theatrical Trailer

Four Brothers is a nice “revenge” action movie with a decent cast and plenty of action and humour to keep the viewer interested. Still, it isn’t a fantastic movie and doesn’t get near a movie like “Payback” (with Mel Gibson). Seeing the action movies that are coming out lately, this is one of the best you can check out though. Paramount has done a good job on image and sound as well on the extras

Our Score:

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