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Four Jacks

Brad has a dream of becoming a well-known chef. All his life he wanted to be a chef in an exclusive restaurant and Phil Hunt seems to be the businessman he can trust and will make his dream come true. Together with a couple of his friends they start up the restaurant with money Phil got from some investors and while things seem to be going great during the preparation, things start to turn wrong. Once the restaurant starts up, Phil manages to turn it around to a fast food place rather than an exclusive restaurant and while time goes on, he starts to work less and less while the rest is working their asses off. Phil doesn’t listen to anyone anymore and only thinks about money while the rest start to argue as they haven’t seen any money at all yet. And one night, things go out of hand…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is pretty decent with hardly any compression errors and only some minor dirt on the film. Level of darkness is good, just like detail. Overall a job well-done.

Unfortunately we don’t get a 5.1 track so we’re stuck with oldfashioned 2.0 sound. Not really of these days anymore. Still, the sound is clear and very understandable.


Four Jacks is a pretty strange movie with a rather surprising ending and it’s hard to say much about it without spoiling the plot. I guess you should check it out yourself to get an opinion on it as I wouldn’t be surprised people will have very different opinions about this movie. The DVD lacks a 5.1 track and some extras. The image quality is decent fortunately.

Our Score:

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