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Amy Nichols is the new night nurse at a Children’s hospital that’s about to get put out of business. She quickly gets along with the remaining kids but during her first night some strange sounds come from the second floor of the hospital which is supposed to be abandoned. At first, she thinks her imagination is taking her by the hand due to the stories that are being told by the kids about a mechanical girl wandering around in the hospital but as she starts to see more and more supernatural phenomena and she does some investigations, it quickly becomes clear that there really is something evil present in the building and that they’re in great danger…

Sound and Vision:
The image has a yellow/green glow which perfectly fits the terrifying atmosphere. We spotted some edge enhancement but no specific compression errors.

The soundtrack perfectly adds to the atmosphere with lots of use of the surround speakers for scare effects as well as the subwoofer. A very decent 5.1 track.

– Funny Takes
– Takes
– Mandie’s Files
– Making of Visual Effects
– Making Of
– Behind the Cameras
– Deleted Scenes
– Theatrical Trailer

Pretty standard stuff

Fragile is a low budget horror/thriller that perfectly does what it’s supposed to do. You have dreery surroundings, decent acting, good scare effects and characters that have more to them than just being ready for the slaughterhouse. Calista Flockhart shows that she’s capable of more than playing Ally McBeal and director Jaume Balaguero (Darkness) shows that he’s improving with every movie he makes. Fans of ghost movies will be sure to like this one a lot.

A-Film delivers this dvd with decent image and sound quality and a standard package of extras which is exactly what we want with a release like this.

Our Score:

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