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Fragland's Original Founder Exposed

1. Who are you ?

Just another 32-year old boring Security Engineer, overcharging large organizations for what nobody can provide them: absolute security.

2. As the original father of Fragland (these days we can definitely say grandfather ;p), what possessed you to start up the site ? How did Fragland start up ?

Shortly before we launched Fragland I was hired by TVD, a cable operator nowadays known as UPC, to launch their cable Internet division. I had spent the years before in the ISP/telco business but this broadband thing was still brandnew and very exciting. All the people that worked in the Internet division were real Internet freaks, monitoring the servers and network with one eye and watching an IRC channel with the other. To give you an idea about the geek-level: I remember that one of the questions asked during the job interview was if I played online games.

And we all did play ‘m. Even had some compos with our own customers. And that’s were the idea for a “webpage” came from. You couldn’t call it a site at the time. It was just a way to inform everyone on how to connect to the server and when the next events would take place etc. Nothing fancy. But since interconnectivity between providers wasn’t that common as it is these days, most people played on a server nearby. And so Fragland’s growing userbase mainly existed from the first cable Internet pioneers and some local universities that TVD was peering with.

3. If you could do everything over again, are there things you would do differently ?

No, not really. I wanted Fragland to become a real gamers community, and you can’t predict how a community will evolve. If there’s one thing I do regret then it’s the fact that I never succeeded making Fragland money-independent. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about another
dot-com-overhyped-internet-startup-and-lets-go-for-that-IPO-thing, but it would have been nice if Fragland had enough money to survive the threat of a main sponsor such as Chello pulling the plug out. But hey, I’m sounding too pessimistic, we’ve got something to celebrate: 5 years of Fragland!

4. When looking at Fragland 5 years ago and comparing it with today. What do you think has changed most on the site ?

In the beginning we were mostly focused on the games servers, the current Fragland is centered around the news site. But that ain’t bad. We always lacked the proper hardware to setup decent servers anyhow. Every ISP has games servers, but Fragland went beyond that.

5. What made you decide to stop working actively on Fragland ?

That’s an easy one: lack of time. The most common excuse I suppose.

6. When looking at Fragland now, is it like what you had in mind when you started it up or not ?

I didn’t really have anything in particular in mind when I started Fragland. I started it up because I was frustrated with the slow response times from other servers and most of the sites were Quake and Quake only.
We wanted to do more then that and try out new games.

7. Tell us some of the funniest things you experienced with Fragland.

I will always remind some of the nice IRL meetings we had. Meetings without a computer, as they should be. I’ve never been much of a fan of LAN parties where people stick their head in a monitor for the rest of the weekend.
What “my generation” used to do was a lot more creative. They for example would organize meetings with harddisk-throwing compos. I even participated in a compo on how to make a PC as tiny as possible using only a sledge hammer. Geeh, I’m really getting old… ๐Ÿ™‚

Nice to see that old clans like XIII are still alive. They still owe me some bottles of Ricard, damn.

8. What is your favourite game (if you have one these days) ?

I’m no longer playing games, though I promised myself to give MOHAA a try during the Xmas holiday season.

9. Not so long ago you became father of a beautiful daughter. Will you train her to become a real gamer or not ?

The only thing she currently finds interesting in my PC is the red light of the optical mouse.

10. What do you wish for Fraglands future ?

I’m not really in a position anymore to make plans for Fragland. I handed over the flag to you Speed, and I hope one day you can do the same when you start growing grey hair. I hope that Fragland will last for many more years and that whoever will be running it in the future will not neglect the community’s input. I definitely do not want it to end as a boring gaming TV show ๐Ÿ˜‰

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