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One night, FBI agent Wesley Doyle (Powers Boothe) is called back to the office as a man called Fenton Meiks (Matthew McConaughey) apparantly has information on the God’s Hand Killer after whom the FBI is looking for already more than two years. Meiks tells Doyle about his childhood, how his father (Bill Paxton) one day in 1979 suddenly was visited by an angel who said that the world was being invaded by demons and that he and his family had to go on a mission to destroy these demons, and how this lead to his brother becoming the God’s Hand Killer.

Sound and Vision:
The sound quality is superb with good use of all surround channels and dialogues being nicely positioned at the center speaker. Most of the time you won’t notice much happening from the rear though, as dialogues rule the movie. Only one scene has special effects which use the surround really to the max and at that point you’ll notice just how good the Dolby Digital 5.1 track is set up.

The image quality is good and the color use is very well done. The flashbacks start in very bright colors but as we get nearer to the present time, colors will become more dark and spooky. The best example of this is the rose garden which starts off as a bright and shiny playground and ends up as a very scary dark place.

We start off with the very interesting documentary “The Making of Frailty” where we get some insight in the cast & crew and how they worked together. After that we get a more technical documentary called “Anatomy of a scene” where we go more in-depth on the technical side of how the film was made. Next to that we get a commentary track, deleted scenes with accompanying commentary from Bill Paxton, and of course photo galleries and the theatrical trailer

Although the story resolves around a serial killer, Frailty isn’t your everyday slasher movie. Rather than showing all the gore, the emphasis is more on imagination and suspense. You won’t see any gore at all, and it adds to the scare-factor of the movie. Frailty is Bill Paxton’s debut as a director but if he continues like this I can tell you we’ve got some really great stuff coming from him. About Frailty I can say one thing : top class!

Our Score:

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