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Victoria Frankenstein is a scientist who’s working on Project UX where stam cells are used to create an artificial heart that’s supposed to be useable as donor heart. The project is a success but unfortunately loses its funding. Together with her colleague Ed, Frankenstein continues her investigation, hoping to find a solution for her deadly ill son. Meanwhile, she also wants to experiment with making other organs next to the heart and as extra she adds some DNA from her son to the mix of the stam cells. The new experiment is again a success as the organs grow rapidly, but unexpectedly they grow together and appear to be alive. When a lightning strike results in a power outage, the creature manages to escape.

Sound and Vision:
The movie is made for television so you don’t expect excellent quality to begin with. However, things are really bad due to the fact that the compression ratio is extremely high and this results in compression errors popping up everywhere. Add to that plenty of grain and lack of detail and you’ve got an idea what to expect. With 2GB of free space on the disk it’s a mystery why this transfer was done so badly.

The cover of the disk talks about a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack but that’s nowhere to be found. Instead you get a pretty decent 2.0 track that does its job nicely for a TV movie.


This is just another adaptation of the classic tale by Mary Shelley and one to quickly forget. The director didn’t to a great job and although Helen McCrory may be a decent actress, she’s clearly out of place here. The image quality makes things only worse. Fans of the genre may want to rent it once but it certainly isn’t a keeper.

Our Score:

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