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Freaky Friday

Dr. Tess Coleman (Jamie Lee Curtis) is a psychiater with two a son Harry and daughter Anna (Lindsay Lohan). She’s about to get married with Ryan (Mark Harmon) while Harry and Anna constantly fight with each other and Anna and her mother can’t seem to agree on anything anymore. When mother and daughter get into a big fight in a Chinese restaurant, they get a fortune cookie from a Chinese woman and although at first nothing happens, the next morning their lives are upside down: mom and daughter seem to have switched bodies ! They have to get back in their own body before Tess gets married and Anna needs her body back to get to a rock concert where she can play with her band…

Sound and Vision:
Nice colors, sharp image, lots of detail, good contrast, no compression erors or other disturbing things… good stuff

The soundtrack is focused towards the front speakers with dialogues coming nicely out of the center. The surround channels are used for some more spacial atmosphere. The subwoofer is restricted to giving some extra bass to the “mystery moments” and the rock music. Decent stuff but nothing special.

Again we get to see trailers before the menu and it’s getting more irritating each time we put a disc in our player. This time it’s The Lizzy McGuire Movie and Pirates of the Carribean. Backstage pass with Lindsay Lohan : a short behind the scenes on how the actress combines school with acting. Freaky Bloopers: bloopers. Alternative ending. Deleted scene. Pinkslip is cool! : two gigs of Anna’s rock group Pink Slip but they’re the same as what you get to see in the movie. Freaky Music videos:
– What I Like About You (Lillix)
– Me Vs. The World (Halo Friendlies)

Freaky Friday has a storyline we’ve seen in what must have been already a dozen movies but it remains entertaining. The acting is good and does make up a bit for the shallow and predictable story. The extras are nothing special but the technical quality of the DVD is pretty good. Stuff for the kids.

Our Score:

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