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Freddy vs. Jason

Feddy has been banished to hell and because nobody remembers him, he cannot come back anymore. However, he’s found another sole in hell that could help him: Jason Voorhees. Impersonating his mother, Freddy manages to get Jason back on earth and he sends him to Elm Street where he starts killing innocent youngsters. Because everyone thinks Freddy is the one killing the kids, people get afraid again and this gives Freddy the possibility to return. However, while Freddy is getting into nightmares again, Jason is still wandering around on Elm Street and when Jason kills one of Freddy’s victims right before Freddy can do it, the latter finds himself obliged to do something against this maniac killer that just doesn’t want to stop and keeps taking his victims away from him. Who will win the battle ? The indestructable Jason Voorhees or the clever and fast Freddy Krueger?

Sound and Vision:
Except for some minor compression errors which are hardly noticeable, we can truly speak of a great transfer. Image depth, detail, contrast, color brightness, shadow detail, etc etc etc… perfect !

Although not noted, the Dolby Digital track is EX while the DTS track is just a normal 5.1 one. The EX track is a bit better due to the extra channel but both are extremely good for this movie. Aggressive stearing of al channels and a subwoofer that gets a good piece of the action make this soundtrack very atmospheric and perfect for this film.

Disc 1 :
Audiocommentary track by director Ronny Yu, Robert Englund and Ken Kirzinger
Jump to a Death: check out the death-scenes one by one
Trailers of Ripley’s Game, Kill Bill and A Man Apart. You also get to see them before getting to the menu which is quite irritating. Fortunately you can skip them with the “forward” button

Disc 2:
Deleted/Alternate Scenes
Fangoria Magazine Article
Production Featurettes:
– Genesis: Production Hell : Pre-production feature with info on how the idea was found, the rights were gotten, writing of the script and getting the director
– Return to Springwood : Behind the scenes footage with comments from cast & crew
– Art Direction: Jason’s Decorating Tips : feature on the visual aspect with design of the sets and the difference between dreamworld and real world
– Stunts: When Push Comes to Shove : Info on how certain stunts were done
– Make-Up Effects: Freddy’s Beauty Secrets : short feature on the make-up effects
Visual Effects Featurettes :
All info on the visual effects in 12 scenes with extra comments by visual effects supervisor Ariel Velasco-Shaw and visual effects producer Kevin Elam
Galleries: storyboards and production foto’s
Publicity and Promotions:
– Pre-Fight Press Conference: press conference images
– trailer
– TV Spots
– Music Video: “How Can I Live” from Ill Niño.
– A Visit to Camp Hacknslash : a trip for the critics in the form of a summer camp

Freddy vs. Jason finally puts the two biggest killers of the white screen against each other and it also shows us how the two franchises are doing. The last “Nightmare” movie was “New Nightmare” which in my opinion absolutely sucked while the latest Friday the 13th – Jason X – was a hit. This movie again gives the idea that the character of Freddy Krueger is doing a last performance. His humour has gone or lost its touch while Jason remains his old silent self, killing people in the most ridiculous ways possible. Freddy vs. Jason is a must-have for all the fans of either series

Our Score:

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