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Freedom: First Resistance

I wasn’t really planning on writing a review on Freedom:First Resistance after having played with it a while, but since I’ve got nothing better to do, I thought : “Why the hell not ? I’ll make it short !”

A while ago I was reading on OldmanMurray that they had received this game, and that it blew up their screen. Of course I became curious on the effect of the game on my pc, so as soon as it arrived, I started playing it.

The effect was a bit disappointing. No blowing screen, no interesting gameplay, no intense feelings and no extraordinary graphics.

What I found was a dull game where you play a woman that has to escape from a refugee camp (read:prison) and make sure to reach the resistance (Earth has been taken over by aliens. What a surprise!)

I thought I had forgotten something and decided to check in the manual wether I needed to change some settings or so, but when looking into the huge box, I only found one stupid piece of paper with some of the controls on it. Guess I had to play the game as it went along.

Anyways, back to the game. You run around and sometimes can interact with the people that stand there as if they were some kind of zombies or plants. The “interact” can vary from talking (scripted events where you can choose between several lines, all leading to +/- the same ending), attacking (sometimes on sight) or talking and then attacking.

To know wether you can interact (talk) with a character you need to stand in front of them long enough to get some blue light swirling around them. I dunno about you people, but when I talk to someone, they don’t usually start to glow in the dark…

The graphics aren’t too bad but defenitely not astounding. People tend to look like they’re zombies and the world is a pretty dull place.

I don’t know wether alot of people have the same problems with the sound like I have got, but every time one of my characters starts to talk, they choke a few times, before actually saying what they want to say. A bit (if not a lot) annoying if you ask me…

So where does this lead us ?

The story itself is not too bad (it’s from Anne McCaffrey) but graphics, sound and gameplay end us up with a pretty dull and uninspired game which defenitely can’t compete with games like Thief or Deus Ex (who I think are a bit in the same line)

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