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Brenda Martin walks into a hospital with her hands covered in blood. It appears that she was carjacked by a black man in a rather “unsafe” neighborhood. When it becomes clear that her 4 year old son was still in the backseat of her car when it got stolen, detective Lorenzo Council immediately realises that this may cause the start of some very unpleasant time. The neighborhood gets completely blocked off from the rest of the world by the police and as tensions rise, the search continues. But as the investigation goes on, Lorenzo has a feeling there’s something terribly wrong with Brenda’s statement…

Sound and Vision:
Freedomland has good image quality with only a very minor amount of grain but hardly any compression errors and limited use of edge enhancement. The contrast as well as the amount of detail are splendid.

The soundtrack has emphasis on the front speakers but we do get music and ambiance coming from the back as well as some effects. All in all a decent track that nicely supports the movie.

– Adapting Himself – Writing Freedomland: Richard Price, writer of the book, talks about the storyline and how he made it into a script
– Race On The Job: a black policeman called Calvin Hart talks about his experiences at work
– The Look Of Freedomland: the makers talk about the atmosphere of the movie
– Deleted Scene

Freedomland tries to tackle the problems in difficult areas of America where a largely black population lives and feels bullied by the police. Unfortunately, it does this pretty badly. Each character has his/her own background and although you do get the feeling there are links between them, you constantly have the feeling you’re missing something. Personally I found that Julianne Moore does her best to portray a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but her character (just like all the others) is incomplete. I don’t know how they did it, but somehow, the makers managed to make sure that at no time you’ll ever get any emotional attachment to any of the characters and although this is a bad thing, it’s quite an achievement. After all, the very point of this movie is to get emotional attachment and then failing so miserably with such a cast is something not everyone is capable of.

All in all, Sony delivers a decent dvd with good image & sound quality and a couple of interesting extras for a movie hardly worth checking out.

Our Score:

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