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French Connection Box, The

This box set contains three DVD’s, The French Connection, The French Connection 2 and a special bonus disk filled with extras.

The French Connection : Officers Doyle (Hackman) and Russo (Scheider) have put a bar under surveillance after they’ve had a tip that something fishy is going on there. They discover that a French businessman is using the bar to transport drugs and that one of the biggest shippings ever is about to come in. The Frenchman notices that he and his crew are under surveillance and wants to have the deal going through as fast as possible, but the police officers have set a trap…

The French Connection 2: Doyle has followed the escaped Charnier back to Marseilles but gets captured. He gets hooked on cocaine and once Charnier knows he doesn’t need to fear the American cop anymore, he lets him go with a final shot. However, with the help of the French police he gets a quick detox and is back on his feet to be more anxious than ever to get back at his opponent.

Sound and Vision:
These movies are over 30 years old and the source film was in incredibly bad condition when the decision was made to re-release them in a special dvd box. However, Fox managed to clean everything up and deliver us an acceptable quality that unfortunately has quite a lot of grain present. To make the image look sharp, edge enhancement was used but under the circumstances we can understand this. Still, Fox delivers a box which doesn’t look like we’re watching 30 year old movies which is quite an accomplishment.

The 5.1 track is a remastered one and the front channels do their job nicely. The surround speakers come into action from time to time very subtle but don’t expect anything from te subwoofer.

Both discs contain audio commentary track and supplementary we also find the original trailer on disc 1 and two while the second disc also contains a stills gallery. Most of the extras are located on disc three and we start off with a bunch of deleted scenesafter which we can enjoy three documentaries, covering background information, deleted scenes (reason why they were deleted) and contain interviews with cast & crew. Last we get again the same trailer as on Disc 1 and another stills gallery

A great bundle for fans of the genre and anyone that hasn’t seen the movies yet. The French Connection series have set a standard in its genre and this box set is definitely a nice tribute.

Our Score:

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