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Jamming is the name and Frequency is the game. Push your controller’s buttons at the correct moments, connect the shapes, and tadaaa music is formed !

That’s the full idea behind Frequency. Nothing special, nothing innovative, and not even a real music making game. So what is this game ?

Unlike a real music making program, you don’t have to drag and drop notes to create a piece of music, but you roll through a psychedelic landscape where different shapes like Diamonds, dots, bolls etc pass you by and by connecting them, music forms.

There are several different tracks to follow and each track represents a different type of sound like bassline, hi-hats, guitar, voices and such. Connecting shapes creates loops and the more different and advanced your composition becomes, the more energy you get. If you miss a loop, you’ll loose energy and if you’ve lost too much you wont make it to the end of the tunnel that guides you.

In between creating loops, you can amuse yourself with the scratch-table, adding extra effects.
Very simple but quite addictive at first.

Of course like in any game worth that title, there are powerups to be found and with them you can do things like auto-catch tracks without any problems or double your points in an instant. Also a multiplayer variety is possible giving up to 4 virtual DJ’s a chance to make a track at the same time. Don’t expect too much from this though as it’s a split-screen version of the solo-mode.

If you’re into any version of computer-created music you’ll defenitely find this type of music your cup of tea as everything from drum’n’bass over trance and hip hop is available.

Frequency can keep you busy for a while but the downside is that it gets repetitive extremely fast and is plain dull if you’re not into any type of techno-like music.

Overall it’s hard to judge this game : the graphics are good, the sound quality is up to current standards, the concept is very original and the gameplay is balanced. Still, this game depends too much on personal taste to give a good judgment so I suggest you defenitely try it before decided whether or not to buy it.

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