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Friday the 13th

Camp Crystal Lake is getting re-opened after years of closure because of a terrible accident that happened a long time ago. A bunch of students arrive to prepare the camp for the coming summer holiday. However, soon after their arrival, one by one they are getting killed by a gruesome murderer that doesn’t stop at nothing to terminate them all.

Sound and Vision:
This movie is rather old but has been nicely restored as we can see from the colors that are present. Still there are several things that didn’t please us: grain, dirt on the film, too little shadow detail (making it hard to clearly see what’s happening in the dark) and sharpness isn’t everywhere on the same level. Still, overall, the image quality isn’t bad, it just could have been much better.

What is there to say about the soundtrack ? It’s as original as one can get. 1.0 sound is dated and cannot be compared with todays modern standards. While we already start to find 2.0 oldfashioned, 1.0 really is worth nothing.

An audio commentary track, a documentary (Return to Chrystal Lake. Making Friday The 13th) and the original trailer. Nothing really special but nice to check out if you’ve got nothing better to do.

Friday the 13th is the original in the series and despite what a lot of people who haven’t seen the movie, Jason has only a VERY limited role here (only at the very end). Definitely must-have for the cult horror lovers (although I would have loved a better version) !

Our Score:

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