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From Hell (Special Edition)

At the end of the 19th Century, London is terrorised by a brutal murderer who soon get the nickname “Jack The Ripper” who leaves no traces and kills his victims (primarily hookers) with the precision of a surgeon. In despair, the police turn to Fred Abberline (Depp), an inspector who’s hooked on Opium but who has psychic powers which might come in handy to track the brutal murderer.

During his investigation , Abberline comes into contact with a prostitude called Mary Kelly, a friend of one of the victims and slowly but steadily he is falling in love with her. Meanwhile his chase of Jack the Ripper is proceeding pretty good but when he gets closer to the truth, he realises that the Ripper is going after Mary Kelly while his superiors are doing all they can to obstruct his investigations.

Sound and Vision:
Except for some edge enhancement which doesn’t really become visible in the dark parts of the screen (and a lot of the film is very dark so it’s not really disturbing) the quality of the image is high with good detail, contrast and sharpness. Also no grain, aliasing nor compression errors are spotted. It’s clear that the transfer was taken from a recent copy.

Same goes for the soundtrack which constantly uses the surround channels for creating a very populated atmosphere of London in the 1800’s by using loads and loads of effects. Really cool.

A special edition isn’t called that without a reason so we get a buttload of extra stuff on this dvd to start off with an audio commentary track with the directors, Robbie Coltrane, writer Rafael Yglesias and Peter Deming (cinematographer). To conclude the first disc we get no less than 21 deleted scenes (with commentary).

The second disk starts off with a documentary which tells about the different theories about Jack the Ripper while “Production Design” and “Tour of the Murder Sites” are short documentaries about the sets they’ve made to create the movie. “Graphic Novel” is a featurette which tells the difference between the comic where “From Hell” is based on and the final movie while “Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder” gives some more information on this alcoholic beverage which is drunk a lot in the movie. We end with “A View From Hell”, a promotional “Making Of”.

A very dark movie about a very dark figure from the history of England, completed with a whole bunch of extras which give this dvd an additional reason to buy it

Our Score:

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