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After the Watergate scandal, President Nixon had to resign but he didn’t apologise or admit he had done something wrong. When Nixon then gets a general pardon as well, British talk show host David Frost comes up with the idea to do a small series of interviews with the former president in which he wants to expose Nixon and force him to do a public apology. However, it quickly becomes clear to Frost that getting agreement from Nixon to do the interviews is a lot easier than to get the money together in order to be able to produce the entire thing…

Sound and Vision:
The images overall breathe an atmosphere of accuracy. The color palette chosen has this effect and the accompanying archived footage may not look too well, it does help to create the perfect setting for this movie. The sound of course focuses on dialogue and it does this well. Nothing special to be said here.

– Deleted Scenes
– Making Of
– The real interview
– The Nixon Library
– Audio Commentary track

Some interesting extras for those that liked the movie, with especially the addition of the real interview being a major feature that no-one should miss

Frost/Nixon is a movie about the historical interviews between British talk show host David Frost and former president Nixon where the latter finally pleated guilty to the American public. Ron Howard has done an excellent job in putting up a movie that handles about several hours of static interviewing without boring the viewer to death. The struggles behind the screens to get the interviews on television are a great prelude to the actual interview sessions and the fight between Frost and Nixon clearly splatters from the screen eventhough it’s only in words.

Despite knowing the outcome and the complete absence of action, Frost/Nixon manages to create a tense atmosphere that you often even miss in big budget thrillers. A great work by Ron Howard and definitely a movie you want to check out and the addition of the original interviews in the extras department make this dvd a must have!

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