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Full Frontal

A couple of Hollywood friends are preparing the birthday of their buddy Gus and we get to watch them the time before the party in their daily lives. We get to know them and their weird habbits a bit better like Lee (Catherine Keener) who has a strange way of doing a job interview while her dog gets hooked on stimulae. These and other things are what happen on a normal day in the lives of these people and even the birthday party can’t pass without any weird stuff happening.

Full Frontal was hyped as a film-within-a-film and being a masterpiece sequel to Soderbergh’s Sex, Lies and Videotap. However, the storyline doesn’t really follow a line or anything and even when the movie has finished you’ll be sitting there thinking about what the hell it was you were looking at.

Sound and Vision:
Full Frontal was created with Digital Video camera’s aswell as 35mm camera. Instead of using the normal format, RCV delivers a 1:33.1 aspect ration cut film which means we loose a bit of the picture on the sides. While the 35mm shots are pretty good, the “handycam” shots contain lots of grain which makes it irritating to watch. Next to that there’s also problems with low level noise in dark scenes and the picture can hardly be called sharp. Soderbergh did this on purpose to create the “unprofessional” look but it doesn’t really do the movie much favors. The 35mm scenes are reasonably good but do contain some scratches and posterisation here and there. Nothing too alarming though but overall we can hardly call the image quality “good” and it’s for the first time we have to say that the decision of a director to make the quality bad results in a bad rating on image here.

The soundtrack isn’t really top notch either. The dialogues are spread over the two front speakers in the 5.1 track instead of being positioned at the center speaker. The surround channels are only sporadically used and the same goes for the subwoofer. The 2.0 track is in fact better than the 5.1 one which is very remarkable. All in all we can only say that on the technical side, this dvd definitely is below standard.

Three promo trailers is all we get but after watching this movie, I doubt you would be interested in getting more info about it.

Soderbergh tried to make a very experimental movie with Full Frontal and he definitely succeeded, it’s experimental alright. The problem, however, is that it’s so experimental that I doubt anyone would be interested in seeing it as it’s got a dull storyline, below standard image quality, and a 2.0 track which is better than the 5.1 track. Only for those people who find themselves superior than others and think they’re intellectual by watching crap like this.

Our Score:

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