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Fun with Dick and Jane

Dick and Jane have a pretty good life. They’ve got a fantastic house, a leased lawn, a nanny for their kid and Dick is having a great career at Globodyne corp. When Dick gets promoted to Vice-President of Communications, Jane can even retire from her boring job and things never looked better. Until Dick’s first appearance in his new role that is. While he’s confident that Globodyne has great figures, CEO Jack McCallister has secretely been messing around with them and selling off his stock so that he’s got tons of money while the company goes bankrupt. Dick looses his job along with all the other former Globodyne employees but doesn’t despair. As former VP he’s confident he’ll easily get a new job but after some time – and that the lawn gets repossessed – he has to lower his standards, just to be able to pay the bills.

After a couple of humiliating experiences, Dick is fed up. Together with Jane he decides it’s time to become a modern day Robin Hood: steal from the rich and give to the poor… themselves!

Sound and Vision:
Nothing to complain about on the technical side. Both the image and the sound quality are what we expect from modern day dvd’s.

– Highlights of the press junket
– Audio commentary
– Deleted scenes
– Bloopers
– Trailers

Fun with Dick & Jane is a remake of the 1977’s comedy and to be honest, it was probably most fun for Dick & Jane.

Carrey puts back on the suit he got from doing Liar Liar and goes on auto-pilot with his usual type of comedy. We’ve all seen it before and the fun doesn’t last. All in all there was only one scene where I really had a laugh – robo-robbery – but even there Carrey kept going for too long and the fun quickly disappeared to make place for irritation. Sony does a nice job on the technical side, delivering again very good image and sound quality, added with a couple of extras that fans may enjoy although the rest of the world will find them scarse, non-informational and way too promotional by nature. Carrey fans will no doubt buy this dvd, the rest of the world – if they’re interested in checking it out – should go for rental.

Our Score:

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