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Galactica: 1980

After having been on the run from the Cylons for about 30 years, the Galactica finally has found Earth. Unfortunately, Earth in 1980 is technologically not advanced, very scattered and has a history of war. The people aboard the Galactica understand that Earth is in no shape to defend itself against the Cylons. Commander Adama and wonder child Professor Zee order a couple of officers to go to the Earth surface and make contact with renowned scientists in order to progress Earth’s technology…

Sound and Vision:
The image comes from the original 35mm print and is digitally remastered but the special effects scenes still look a bit damaged and overall the quality is hardly consistent. Also the overall image looks soft and you’ll have no problem noticing it’s an old series.

The 2.0 track brings forth clear dialogues which is already a good thing as the source is a mono soundtrack. Not that it’s perfect, sometimes you’ll hear some noise and we regret that Universal didn’t decide to add a 5.1 track like they did with the original series.


Galactica: 1980 is a continuation of the original series from 1978 that was stopped due to the extreme cost of each episode. Since ABC didn’t want to create a new hole of expenses, a lot of the special effects were reused from the original series or created very simplistically and cheap. Also the setting of Earth was a means to stay within budget. Unfortunately all this cost cutting has a price and although the first episodes where Galactica reaches our planet aren’t too bad, the overall quality quickly degrades.

Many of the special effects scenes look stupid or are reused from other series and movies and the fact that except for Lorne Greene (who gets degraded to a leader who constantly needs the advise of a 14-year old) the original cast is nowhere to be seen doesn’t help either. So in conclusion I would say that this series is definitely something the true Battlestar: Galactica fan will want to have in his collection but more for keeping it complete than actually enjoying it.

Our Score:

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