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Galaxy Andromeda

1. Who are you and what is your role in the development of Galaxy Andromeda?

Norbert Petro…My name is Axel Rathgeber and I am a CDV-Producer

2. Galaxy Andromeda seems to have been under development for ages with several release dates pushed back. What were the main problems you’ve encountered which made that the release date had to be pushed back ?

Firstly the previous developer, Philos Labs, had internal problems which lead to a complete stop of the project. After several negotiations the core team on the game left the company and founded Mithis games – and started working on the title again. Then we had problems with the licence, which again threw us back in time. This lead to renaming the game to “Galaxy Andromeda”. Now we have shoveled all of these problems away and the game is heading towards its completion.

3. Can you give us some insight in the storyline of GA as it looks like the storyline will be very important in comparison towards other RTS games these days. And where did the inspiration come from?

It’s 2028: Near Jupiter, a reconnaissance satellite discovers an amazing phenomenon: a wormhole. Scientists conjecture that objects passing through would be transported into another part of the galaxy. Whilst experiments are carried out with small satellites, a spaceship is designed to carry people through the wormhole to new worlds. The scientists blast the wormhole to make it bigger. But when the spaceship Noah’s Arc attempts to enter the wormhole, disaster strikes: The blasts have unleashed some kind of reaction. The wormhole closes. And only bits of the wreckage of the Arc survive.

2042: Gigantic companies have begun to systematically conquer and plunder our solar system. The son of the engineer who disappeared along with the Noah’s Arc 14 years ago is on a transport mission from Earth to Mars. Suddenly, his small transporter is attacked by two hunters from a rival company. The transporter’s engines are destroyed, the interior freezes abruptly and induces the young man into a cryogenic sleep.

2112: The floating transporter is discovered by a space patrol. The son everyone thought lost is reanimated, educated and promoted to a frigate officer of the SpaceTech Cooperation. The game begins when our fresh-faced officer is off on a recon mission in Jupiter’s orbit (and now it’s up to you, the player, to take on his role).

The player will set off with an alien space ship, that is detected in our solar system, to another part of our Galaxy. When he finally gets back to Earth, it has been infected by a strange alien virus – and now it is up to the player to save his home!

4. There are at least 6 storylines parallel to the main story. Can you elaborate a bit about these side-stories?

The side-stories basically deal with the different alien species the player will encounter. Some of these side-stories may have a happy end, others in a big and final battle.

5. One will be able to construct his/her own starships. Can you tell us some more about this feature? How will this be implemented?

We’ll tell you more about this later …

6. In the feature list it says “First Person Strategy”. What does this mean? Will you be in the cockpit of the ships or something?

You will be playing the role of an officer whose father disappeared in a wormhole during an experiment in the year 2028. The player plays this character throughout the whole game – he starts off as a commander of one single ship and finally becomes the leader of the human strike and space exploring forces to free mother earth from the evil entity.

7. Can you elaborate about the new concept in research and development which is mentioned in the featurelist?

We’ll tell you more about this later …

8. The 3D engine which is being used in IC3 will have never-seen-before features. Can you give some examples of these?

The new 3D graphics engine’s depth of detail and freedom of control are most impressive. When approaching a spaceship, the screen and loudspeakers vibrate, as though you were really only some meters away. Any flight movements are executed physically correctly, even all proportions of spaces and planets are based on real scientific data – it is a realistic space game after all.

9. As Galaxy Andromeda is single player only, you need to have enough gameplay for people to keep coming back to the game. How will accomplish this?

Don’t worry about that !!!

10. What are the major differences between GA and the previous Imperium Galactica games which will not only appeal to the followers of the series but also to newcomers?

I believe this question doesn’t apply anymore …

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