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7 Sins

Think you can roll with the high life? Reckon you’re a true player? 7 Sins is your chance to prove it. Money, fame, power and sex are at your fingertips…but everything has its price. If you want a piece of the action, you’re going to have to lie, steal, seduce and cheat your way to the very top of the social elite. Make friends, make enemies, learn their secrets and desires and then use it against them to get ahead. With outrageous mini-games and hilarious social interactions, you’ll soon discover that sinning really is the best way of winning!

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7 Sins

Hello, dear readers. My name is Charles and what you’re reading now is the introduction of my review of the game 7 Sins. In this paragraph I’m supposed to warm you guys up and twaddle about the game’s concept, yet without giving away any indication of how I feel about it. But since 7 Sins […]

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