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Age of Wonders 2

Age of Wonders 2 is the sequel to the award winning turn based strategy game, Age of Wonders. Developed by Triumph Studios and PopTop Software, the game will sport better graphics and updated gameplay. The AI in Age of Wonders 2 will be improved, providing more challenging opponents. Towns will play a bigger role, not just a unit factory. New spells, skills, and combat rules will make battles faster paced. A map editor and a random map generator will be included with the game. Expect Age of Wonders 2 to perfectly blend the elements of strategy, role playing, and adventure. You will have to maintain your heroes, towns, armies, resources, and magic to crush the other opponents. The game will take place on the world map, and the tactical combat map if you enter a battle.
Awakened to be one of the Circle of Evermore; an immortal group of wizards, you must restore balance to a world on the brink of collapse. By mastering the magical forces of creation and dealing with the deities who govern them, you must establish a fantasy empire and confront other wizards in a struggle for world domination.”

The state of the world had been forcefully returned to the state before the humans came. But the world had changed; the humans were destined to govern the world. The Wizard King Gabriel, the hidden Evermore ally in High Men path of the Champaign knew this and that it would be a matter of time before the world would return to chaos.

Fearing that his seat of power would be overtaken by one of his rebel wizards, Gabriel is unable to intervene in the mortal realm, leaving him trapped on Evermore. But when a promising human champion steps through death’s door, Gabriel creates a new wizard, a human ally, and successor to the wizard throne. In this young human, the power of magic is very strong. Resembling both the old and the new, he is the perfect candidate to solve the world’s problems. This young human is called Merlin

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