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AI Wars

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what makes your computer tick, you’ll love to get a shot at hacking a system from the inside out. Start with a quick tutorial, and then begin to travel the hallways of a complex computer system in order to gain control of the Net. You decide exactly what your goals in the game are, selecting from a stacked menu of simple and more complex tasks. Playing as an avatar, you’ll be challenged to collect blocks of data and use the information to move through the game. With such distinctive gameplay, AI WARS: The Awakening is a game anyone who’s even a mild computer geek can appreciate

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AI Wars

Making a review for this game is actually really easy, It sucks!!!, but hey, let me tell you why. First of all, when you buy a First Person Shooter you expect state of the art graphs like Q3A or Unreal Tournament. A license on one of these engines is really expensive and that’s why the […]

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