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American McGee’s Alice

Lewis Carroll’s 19th-century fantasy has been re-invented many times, most famously by Walt Disney. And now American McGee, one of the designers behind the Quake and Doom series, issues his addition to the Looking Glass legends with American McGee’s Alice. Players take on the role of a wiser, more industrious heroine who sets out in this third-person 3-D action game to free wonderland from the tyranny of the Queen of Hearts. Alice will confront a host of weird creatures in surreal settings and solve numerous puzzles through more than 15 levels of gameplay

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American McGee's Alice

American McGee started a few years ago with the idea of making a game based on Lewis Caroll’s Alice, and the guys of Electronic Arts (RJ Berg especially) found it to be a great idea and they started the production. The story starts a few years after Alice returned from Wonderland. She wakes up in […]

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