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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Players star as rookie defense attorney Apollo Justice as he collects the evidence and takes on genius prosecutor Klavier Gavin and untrustworthy witnesses to prove his clients’ innocence. Apollo is supported by a mysterious female magician, Trucy and the advice of his mentor, Kristoph Gavin.

Apollo Justice may be young and lack experience but his confident manner and passion are invaluable assets in the courtroom as is his unique ability to uncover witnesses’ lies by studying their body language

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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

These days, even on the DS ‘the sky’ is no longer ‘the limit’. Almost everything is possible with Nintendo’s little portable dream machine: train dolphins, learn to cook or drive, patch up your makeup skills, celebrate your pedophile fantasies or be a lawyer and that’s exactly what Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice is al about! Objection? […]

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