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On a winter night, along a narrow mountain road somewhere in Europe Michael Travinsky was driving home. The radio was playing some quite music. Travinsky was tired, he let his hands drive and in his mind he was already greeting Valerie, his wife, taking off his coat and sitting down to supper. Snow flakes were whirling in the light beams cast by the car, the road was empty, and nothing disturbed his musings.
Suddenly a sharp light flashed across his brain and he instinctively pushed the brake, but it was too late. For a moment the rasping of metal and the flashing of light mixed with the image of Valerie Travinsky serving coffee.

The old man in a shabby baseball cap on his head jumped from the truck, almost stumbling on slippery snow-covered asphalt. A narrow streak of blood on his forehead distorted his vision. He wiped it off his face, lifted his hand to his eyed and swore. His truck had virtually smashed the car driving from the opposite direction. After the first shock was over the old man ran to the wreck and inspected the unconscious body leaning against the steering wheel. Within seconds he was certain that the driver was dead, or at least he appeared dead. The old man murmured: ‘Yeah, like this corpse is what I need’, and started to carefully and slowly drag the body from the crashed car.

A small room stinking of staleness and something else, an unspecified stink. At the top of the room there was a small window covered with a few planks, through which one could see blurred shadows of birds sitting on the roof. One of them, as if frightened by something, took flight, made a small circle and began to slowly fly down. Its shadow, enlarged by the light from above, slowly covered the body lying on the floor. The bird alighted next to the body and started to jab at the motionless hand. Suddenly it took flight again, frightened by an unexpected nervous gesture. The man opened his eyes. He looked around without lifting his head and, after a while, stood up, barely managing to overcome pain and terror…

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I have to admit, I thought I had never heard of Archangel before, but whilst playing the game, something in the back of my reminded me of some troubles Fishtank Interactive had, after which they got bought by Jowood who continued to publish the title for Metropolis Software. The storyline goes like this: you play […]

Metropolis Software on Archangel

A few weeks ago I sent a couple of questions to the people of Metropolis Software about their recently announced 1st/3rd person shooter Archangel. Finally, they’ve sent me their answers. Where did the idea for the story come from ? Marcin Drews: Michal Doniec (game designer who among other things co-designed FireFight published by AE […]

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