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Army Men: RTS

This is the Army Men game fans have always wanted to play! Army Men: RTS is a deep and strategic adventure without the intimidation of other RTS games featuring an intuitive interface custom designed for the PlayStation®2 system. This is not another plastic soldier game; Army Men: RTS forces players to think about how to strategically build and manage troops, vehicles and buildings while involved in a full out war! Players collect resources and build bases before the Tans can retaliate. The player is constantly faced with a variety of challenges and strategic decisions throughout the game that have direct impact on the abilities of the troops and their longevity. Set the camera angle to an overhead birds-eye view or get right down into the action as troops take on the Tans. The fun is fast and furious in this in-depth RTS adventure.

This mission is bad. Worst I have ever seen. Not long ago, we had this region secure under the supervision of one of our own, Colonel Blintz. That changed when Blintz was injured in the line of duty. Medics did what they could, but he sustained a “massive, disfiguring head wound”. Long story short, there’s a chunk of plastic missing from the top of his head. Blintz has lost his mind…literally! With the help of a bucket of paint, Blintz has gone Tan, and now we have got to find him. Blintz was famous for inspiring loyalty…his men would march across a grill if he ordered it. This aint gonna be easy

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