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Battlefield 1942

In the multiplayer-focused Battlefield 1942, players are given the power and tools to affect the outcomes of key battles of WWII. With the ability to control over 35 authentic Axis and Allied vehicles from a first person perspective and select from five player classes, they are faced with incredible choices in their plan of action. Among a vast array of available options, players can choose to heroically storm or defend the beaches of Normandy, direct artillery or command a tank at Kursk, pilot a fighter or operate shore battery at Midway, command an aircraft carrier or jeep at Gaudalcanal, and take charge of a bomber or an APC in Tobruk – experiencing some of the most dramatic moments of WWII.

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Battlefield 1942

Battlefield ? Available ? OMG ! These were my first 3 words when I heard Battlefield 1942 was actually available. 10 minutes, an overrun granny and a pushed away kid later I had it in my possession, an evil Mr. Burns grin while uttering the word *excellent* was the only thing I could express at […]

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