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Ben Hur: Blood of Braves

Internally developed by Microids France, Ben Hur faithfully recreates the excitement of racing for your life within the majestic coliseums and savage arenas of Ancient Rome. Using stunning visuals, Ben Hur is a race through a universe that mixes legends and historical elements, from Pompeii and Olympus to the Pantheon and Guizeh. Each location is uniquely designed to offer different challenges, while the non-linear action throws up all manner of hazards.

As befits a game based on these gruelling, brutal tournaments, players use weapons, spells, brute force, speed and tactics to out-race their opponents. In addition to using close-range and targeted weaponry such as spears, players must also combine skill in negotiating the tracks, while judging the stamina of their steeds during the punishing races.

But all the skill and violence Ben Hur demands will not make you King of the Arena, only the most daring and the Gods’ favorites will have a chance to win and become a Legend!

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