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Blitzkrieg is a breathtaking RTS game during the Second World War. Similar to Sudden Strike, the gamer commands Allied, Russian or German troops. 3D surroundings and 3D units offer brand new tactical possibilities. From the historical point of view, this RTS game is even more accurate than Sudden Strike. With its generated missions and adaptive degree of difficulty it has everything a war gamer could possibly wish for

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Everyone who calls himself a WWII-afficionado has had enough opportunities to prove themselves these few last years. In a lot of genres, games concerning WWII have been released. There are two genres, though, that rose head and shoulders above the rest. If you like to shoot, then you should have a look at Medal of […]


1. Tell us some about yourself, your job and the work you’re doing on Blitzkrieg Hi, I’m Martin Deppe, producer of Blitzkrieg. My job’s to coordinate the work of Nival Interactive (developer) with CDV (publisher), co-designing the game and doing all the little puzzle stuff for a good game – like voice recordings and ingame […]

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