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Brute Force

Brute Force is a futuristic squad based, tactical shooter, played from a third person perspective. With just the tap of a button you can switch between four of the biggest bad-asses in the Universe. Command a team of elite mercenaries as they take on shadowy assignments across the known cosmos. Play simultaneously as the heavy assault trooper, Tex, the cyborg-enhanced sniper, Flint, the stealthy scout, Hawk, and the powerful feral alien, Brutus. Employ cunning, stealth and tactics to save your squad… or when all else fails just use Brute Force

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Brute Force

The rumours are true; I have been associated with the “No first and/or third person shooters on consoles” club. We used the abbreviation NFAOTPSOC because that sounds better. We are keyboard and mouse fanatics and proud of it, imagine playing quake or any other fps on a game pad, come on! However, when Halo arrived […]

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