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Bullet Witch

Developed by Japan-based Cavia, Bullet Witch is set on a bleak planet earth in the year 2013 with human kind on the brink of extinction and hideous demons creating a tidal wave of destruction and havoc. All hope of mankind’s survival rests with Alicia, a beautiful witch blessed with magical skills and a swift trigger finger. Players must guide Alicia in her heroic quest to prevent the decimation of mankind by wielding fearsome weaponry and using her unusual and spectacular powers to manipulate natural phenomena in her environment

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Bullet Witch

Let’s deduct the words Bullet Witch. The first is all about an insational rain of bullets, the second about a series of supernatural powers that come in handy to get rid of those things the first word doesn’t do much about. Together with the packaging, an attractive, and especially deadly Goth-chick, you’ve got about all […]

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