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Burnout Legends

Taking the series’ award-winning speed, action and attitude on the road for the first time, Burnout Legends combines the best moments in the franchise’s history with exclusive PSP-only features, gameplay and connectivity.

The ultimate quick-hit of on-the-go gameplay, Burnout Legends includes tracks from Burnout™, Burnout™ 2: Point of Impact and Burnout™ 3: Takedown™, completely redesigned for aggressive racing on the PSP.

Burnout Legends gives new meaning to Road Rage with all new cars, scores of unlockable surprises and nine updated classic gameplay modes, from Crash and Burning Lap to Pursuit and Eliminator

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Burnout Legends

If there’s one genre for which plenty of games are available on the PSP, then it’s racers. Think of titles like Wipeout Pure, still one of my favorites, and let’s say Ridge Racer. It was with some doubt that I put the PSP version of Burnout Legends into my PSP. With the DS-version in mind, […]

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