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Capcom Fighting Jam

Capcom Fighting Evolution features a diverse cast of characters as well as additional hidden characters from each of the following titles: Street Fighter II, DarkStalkers, Street Fighter III, Red Earth and Street Fighter Alpha. Each character maintains their unique fighting style from their respective title, so players must strategically use each one’s combat system to defeat that of their opponent as they square off in battle. With two-on-two action, gamers can mix and match their team from any of the different titles. The character change system allows players to choose a combatant for each round of the battle. Pitting the right competitor against the opponent based on the strengths of the fighting systems will be the key to victory

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Capcom Fighting Jam

Is the world waiting for yet another 2D fighter ? That’s the question I posed when Capcom Fighting Jam arrived in my mailbox. What can the old Capcom heroes do next to the Tekkens and Virtua Fighters of this next-gen world ? Especially since we really thought this genre had had its best after the […]

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