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Captain America: Super Soldier

Become Captain America, the ultimate Super-Soldier, as you face the Red Skull’s army in this gripping original third-person action adventure set in the darkest days of World War II. Wield Captain America’s legendary shield to take out enemies at a distance, interact with your environment, and deflect incoming fire back at foes as you traverse Hydra’s massive castle to save the world from Cap’s villainous archenemies.

Get ready to hurl yourself shield-first into the fray – create your own superhuman feats with the superior force of the world’s first Super-Soldier at your fingertips

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Captain America: Super Soldier

I’ll be honest with you: I wasn’t exactly itching to play Captain America: Super Soldier. In my mind it was yet another run-of-the-mill third-person action title, whose release just so happens to coincide with a summer blockbuster of the same name. In other words: meh. After playing the game, however, I’ve had to change my […]

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