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Chili Con Carnage

Take on the role of unlikely hero Ramiro Cruz, “Ram” to his friends. Ram is dragged into a high stakes adventure when his father Ernesto is assassinated just before cracking the biggest “traficante” case Mexico has ever seen. After witnessing the murder, Ram along with the guidance his unpredictable uncle Marco, embark to track down the killer.

Let loose in the underworld of Los Toros, Ram fights his way to the inner circles of the local kingpin Cesar Morales’ drug cartel. When stumbling onto plans of a gigantic smuggling scheme, Ram must persevere amidst facing deadly gunfights, renegade cops and sinister desperados everywhere. Time to exact some hard-hitting revenge!

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Chili Con Carnage

Chili Con Carnage can best be compared with outrageous B-movies like El Mariachi and Desperado; over-the-top action, non-stop shooting and explosions, a flimsy storyline filled with laughable dialogues but in the end glued together in oh so enjoyable pulp. Only too bad that Salma Hayek didn’t pass by to rejoice us with a table dance […]

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