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Close Combat: Invasion Normandy

Close Combat: Invasion Normandy is the fifth product game in the much acclaimed Close Combat series. Play as the Allies or the Germans in the war’s most pivotal dramatic battle. Sneak attacks, stalwart defenders, spies, and saboteurs are among the surprises lurking available on both sides of this key battle. The improved campaign system allows movement of multiple battle groups on a scrolling strategic map of the Cotentin Peninsula. An all-new battle group screen allows you to not only customise your own battle groups but your enemy’s as well. The option to play with historical conditions extends even to the weather and its effects on air and naval support availability. Track the progress of your men from battle to battle, as they improve their combat skills and earn medals. With dynamic map tracking, the shell holes, trenches, and vehicle wrecks you create today will be there tomorrow. Tactical successes and failures will have a direct impact on strategic play with extended continuity from battle to battle. Create your own battles, operations, and campaigns with the scenario editor. Review the action in depth on the improved battle debrief and soldier screens. Play head-to-head via TCP, UDP, serial connection, modem, or the Internet with free match making services

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