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Conduit, The

The current chaotic state of Washington D.C. has escalated due to increased reports of “alien” activity in the Potomac area. These reports have been confirmed as true by our field agents. Normally, we could be sure that this information would be ignored, but the events of recent terrorist attacks on the capital and the assassination attempt on the President’s life has left government and private organizations in an overly paranoid state. All U.S. agencies are scrambling for any answers to these threats. As you know they are unprepared and incapable of dealing with what is to come. It is in the Trust’s hands to neutralize this new threat to our nation.

We have designated these alien subjects as the Drudge. It has been established that they are operating in and around the Potomac River near the capital. All attempts of contact have been met with hostilities. As to their purpose it is as of yet unconfirmed, but speculation of an invasion seems to be the highest probability

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The Conduit

We all know how popular the Wii has been since its launch in 2006. Nintendo’s console made gaming more mainstream and accessible but unfortunately the Big N made a Big Mistake by dropping the hardcore fans and constantly release party, family and kiddiegames. SEGA tries to reach the hardcore audience with The Conduit and make […]

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