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Conflict Zone

Enter the shocking world of real modern warfare, where the manipulation of media and civilians leads to military victory. As the commander of peacekeeping armies, you must build a campaign using strategic brilliance and spin control. Rescue hostages with news cameras rolling and gain public support to upgrade your units. Harm innocents and watch your popularity and power plummet.

Or take control of terrorist factions, and resort to more vicious techniques like brainwashing, media manipulation, and human shields to further your cause. Conflict Zone is a technologically advanced RTS with the intense emotional realism of modern warfare. Test your strategic mettle against the Direct® AI engine used by today’s defense forces

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Conflict Zone

Ubi Soft is coming on strong lately with a load of very well-polyshed games, so naturally when I received this preview version of Conflict Zone, an RTS game created by Masa who’re known for working on Artificial Intelligence, I was pretty interested in getting the game started (which I normally am not with beta versions). […]

Conflict Zone

Could you please introduce yourselves and describe your role on Conflict Zone? I’m Serge Autard, production manager for MASA’s games. I’m Olivier Denis, team manager for Conflict Zone. I’m Sylvain Constantin, Conflict Zone’s game designer. My role was first to create the game design and scenario. Throughout the development phase, I worked with the production […]

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