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Crisis Zone

A terrorist group has commandeered the Garland Square retail/office complex on the outskirts of bustling, modern-day London. They have made no demands. Their motives are unknown. They are in complete control. It’s up to you to liberate the Square by any means necessary.

Blaze through levels using the Namco GUNCON 2, or immerse yourself in double-gun shooting action with an additional GUNCON 2. Enjoy an unprecedented level of interaction with the background: blast books and CDs of store shelves, racks of clothing on fire, shatter windows and slice through metal. Relive this classic arcade shooter at home, only for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system

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Crisis Zone

I first bought my light-gun shaped like a Walther PPK (that’s right 007’s loyal pistol) in the Makro. It was a very cheap package: the gun (which can be used as Gun-con 2 or Gun-con 45) and the PSOne title Time Crisis: Project Titan for only €22,99 so I was afraid there would be a […]

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