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Dark Reign 2

Dark Reign 2 introduces gamers to the first true 3-D RTS game. Set against the backdrop of the war between the powerful Jovian Detention Authority and the upstart Sprawlers, Dark Reign 2 is the prequel to the conflict between the Imperium and Freedom Guard. Incorporating a new game engine, Dark Reign 2 offers new strategic elements, incredible graphics, new RTS enhancements, and spectacular multiplayer gameplay, setting the standard for all RTS games to come

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Dark Reign 2

I’m sorry to say, but this might be the shortest review I’ve ever made. What’s there to say about a game that’s near perfection? Since the original Command & Conquer, there have been several games that tried to take a bite out of the success the RTS-genre had, and except for C&C’s successors (except for […]

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