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Dead or Alive 5

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Launch Trailer: Dead or Alive 5

TecmoKoei and Team Ninja found the Tokyo Game Show to be the perfect place to release the launch trailer for Dead or Alive 5 so without further ado, here it is: Release Date: September 25 (US), September 28 (EU)

Dead or Alive 5 has devs fighting

TecmoKoei has released two gameplay trailers for Dead or Alive 5 in which we see Team Ninja developers fight each other with Gen Fu and Pai. The devs are stating Gen Fu is even more of a close-range character than he has been in the past. Once you get the hang of his combos, you’ll […]

New Dead or Alive 5 vid introduces Mila

TecmoKoei and Team Ninja have released a new character vignette for Dead or Alive 5 which introduces us to a new character called Mila. Mila is an up-and-coming MMA champion who has scored spectacular victories all over the world. She spends her days training at the gym in between shifts at her part-time job, honing […]

Team Ninja unveils more DoA5 characters

TecmoKoei and Team Ninja have revealed another two characters from Dead or Alive 5’s roster and director Yohei Shimbori talks a bit about their features: Helena is an extremely technical character. We’re trying to balance her to please the technical fighters who can appreciate the skill it takes to bring out the “real Helena.” First […]

DoA5: Get yo Ass in the Tournament!

A new trailer for Tecmo’s upcoming fight sequel by Team Ninja, Dead or Alive 5, has been outed by Gamespot. The video features some CGI, some fighting and just about every character you would wish for. Check it out below: Out in September on PS3 and X360.

Five times Dead or Alive 5

Fight games are all about balance between characters and Team Ninja knows this all too well. Therefore, they do some serious testing with all characters to make sure the nuances and balancing are correct. And to give us an idea of what’s to come in Dead or Alive 5, TecmoKoei has released no less than […]

Dead or Alive 5 shows off some Bunnies with Bikinis

I believe I heard someone from Team Ninja state some time ago that they wanted to be a bit more serious regarding the Dead or Alive franchise and let it be less about swinging boobs. If that’s indeed your goal, then for sure you’ll want to release a trailer showing off some pre-order goodness with […]

Dead or Alive 5 shows off some tag team action

While Tekken is going all Tag Team these days with Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Team Ninja wanted to make sure you realise that Dead or Alive 5 has tag teaming as well. So as proof, they’ve released a new trailer for the game showing just that. Special note: Team Ninja may have been stating that […]

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