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Dead to Rights: Reckoning

Fearless beat cop, Jack Slate is back in a hardboiled action adventure that blends the best of Hollywood cinematic style with Hong Kong inspired action. For the first time, Dead to Rights goes mobile, bringing its high octane brand of gritty noir action onto the Sony PSP. Featuring a new storyline, as well as new moves, weapons, and features, Dead to Rights is packed with action. Someone has kidnapped an essential informant in a high profile investigation of an untouchable crime lord called, Whisper. Jack, and his trusted K-9 partner, Shadow, return to navigate the corrupt underworld of Grant City and go bullet-to-bullet with an army of hostile gang members to rescue the lost informant before it’s too late.

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Dead to Rights: Reckoning

Not again. Why does Namco actually bother releasing more spin-offs and sequels of a series no-one really likes anyway? Anyway: enter Dead to Rights: Reckoning, Namco’s contribution to the steadily growing onslaught of PS2-to-PSP games that bring nothing new and don’t even live up to their originals. But what if the original wasn’t too good […]

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