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Delta Force 2

Delta Force is back. This sequel to the bestselling first-person shooter continues the story line but gives players more control and better graphics than the original game. The Commander’s Screen in Delta Force 2 lets players choose waypoints and orders for teammates before the game begins and also lets players make changes when they discover surprises during play. Players will also enjoy some new moves, including the ability to swim and to climb ladders and the sides of some buildings. The updated Voxel Space game engine supports 32-bit graphics and, as a result, graphics and terrain are more realistic than ever. The increased detail allows players to hide behind rocks or in shrubs and adds environmental challenges with weather effects like rain, snow and fog. New, advanced weaponry round out this exciting game and give players the option of fighting with a silenced Heckler & Koch .45 USSOCOM, a Heckler & Koch P11, underwater rifles, time-delay grenades and a laser designator

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