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The DRIVER series chronicles the exploits of Tanner, a ruthless undercover cop and a fearless driver; DRIV3R sees him immersed in a global car theft ring. A mysterious buyer has ordered 40 stolen high performance cars. Tanner wants to know who the buyer is, and he intends to stop the deal going through; but he is always one step away from his cover being blown, and time is running out.

Following the massively successful console version, Driv3r for the personal computer features an all new level exclusive to the PC release. The level is set between ‘Gators Yacht’ and ‘Trapped’ and is called ‘The Hit’. It features an assignation attempt on Tanner and a tense, hot pursuit which makes the most of Miami’s waterfront location and the variety of vehicles it calls for. The PC version will also see additions in other areas including for the first time the full 12 minute long DRIV3R ‘making of’ movie

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There has been a lot of fuzz around Driv3r lately. Some say it is good while others say it is the worst. I thought it was time for a honest and impartial review that will let everybody know how the matter stands. After all, that is what Fragland is all about. Only one word is […]


1 – What is your name and position on the team? Could you give us a little background of your company? Martin Edmondson – Managing and Development Director of Reflections Interactive – founded by myself in 1984. We started created games on the BBC micro in the 80’s but our most famous games have been […]

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